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Vernal Edge is a 2d action platformer developed in Game Maker Studio 2 with a heavy focus on combat and exploration.  You juggle enemies, throw spells, and elegantly navigate the battlefield in a way that hearkens to Devil may cry and other staple action games.  All while freely exploring different floating islands in a lush pixel art setting.

This demo is meant to specifically highlight Vernal Edge's combat system and is based on an unfinished version of the game. Many assets are unfinished and the content of the demo may not be representative of the final game.

- Controller recommended but not required.

- This demo is for Windows only.

- Unzip before running.

3/30/2020 UPDATE 1.1


-Small balance adjustments

-Fixed collision issue with right facing slopes

-Adjustment to secret side quest scripting

-Spells are not based on directional inputs rather than button shorcuts

-Some spelling errors fixed

-Minor UI adjustments for clarity

3/30/2020 UPDATE 1.1.1

-spells didnt work on keyboard

-im so sorry

3/31/2020 UPDATE 1.1.9

-Major collision fixes. All "out of bounds" bugs *should* be gone.

-Fixed movement being calculated while game stutters from saving, which could potentially cause you to go OOB.

-Minor adjustments to level layout for balance.

4/1/2020 UPDATE 1.2

-Major collision fixes. All "out of bounds" bugs *should* be gone.

-Style meter is a lot easier to gain now.

4/14/2020 UPDATE 1.3

-More collision fixes

-Fullscreen support

-Updated art

4/27/2020 UPDATE 1.4

-Additional art

-D-pad movement support

-Ps4 controller support

A crowdfunding campaign and larger demo for Vernal Edge is coming at a later date but until then you can follow us at:


And join our discord server:


Cover image character art by:


Updated 28 days ago
StatusIn development
GenreAction, Platformer
TagsExploration, Pixel Art


VernalEdgePublicDemoV1-4.zip 194 MB


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Cool! I wish there is a build for MacOS

cool i gusse

i cant wait for the final release! hope you finish this EPIC game soon, good luck!

 We got juggling, we got combos, we even got ridiculously cool #SwordStuff going on. I'm so ready to see what you guys are going to bring to the table in the future

favorite side quest ever is the hat quest

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Really nice demo, i enjoyed it, it's a little bit challenging at the begining but when you know how to do some combos you can do a lot of damage and beat enemies quickly, good job i would love to play more of it.

this is pretty awesome! though I found a infinite flying combo where you never touch the ground. not sure if this is intentional otherwise it feels really good!

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It was a nice demo. Unfortunately I wasnt able to finish it because the Golem in the 3 Room punched me out of the map:

This bug is fixed in the update that has just been released.

Just downloaded and the same thing happened to me. I don't know the precise point but it was the same wall.

We thought we had fixed all instances of this bug but this case still remained. The most recent update SHOULD fix it this time.

Lovely demo! One "feature" (bug):  the sword projection stays floating when the enemy falls over.

So far, very good looking game

Thank you!

This was pretty sick I liked the combos you can already pull off in the game can't wait to see what you add I was wondering about the spacing with the keys at the start but I saw there was a ton of buttons to use hence why a controller is recommended but once I got the hang of it, it was guchi. I hope there's some kind of upgrade system used in the later release, also I'm not sure if I understood how to use spells from the demo if they were in it. great job so far though! my play through here: 


Thank you so much for playing! more in depth character progression is absolutely coming in the full game.

ayyy turn up excited for it :D